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The region Calabria is in southern Italy, we work in the province of Reggio Calabria, a beautiful city where the climate is similar to Brazil, but with a difference ‘that we are facing the Mediterranean Sea. The special position between sea and mountains, offers the opportunity to visit unique and ancient culture with a wide tied to the period of Magna Graecia. In addition Reggio Calabria, there are also places like Scilla and nearby Tropea to host tourists from around the world, not to mention that we have a splendid view over the island of Sicily, with the opportunity to visit her, and its places of interest such as Mount Etna, Taormina, Siracuse. There is also an opportunity during the process, take a cruise in the Mediterranean. Other strengths are the folklore attached to the culture of ancient traditions, as well as the local cuisine, recognized as the best food in the world, or the “Mediterranean diet”. For more details, please consult the website of our region: http://turismo.reggiocal.it/HomePage.aspx.

In the city of Reggio Calabria is also the University for Foreigners Dante Alighieri. It offers among others, Italian language courses and university level, a unique opportunity pending the outcome of the process (www.unistrada.it).


Calabria Statistics

Country: Italy

Cities and Towns: 409

Numbers and inhabitants: 2,008,709

Surface: 15,083 km² (5,823.54 sq mi)

Population density: 133.2 / km² (344.9 / sq mi)

Average altitude: 418 m (1,372 ft)





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