On January 1, 2021, the long-awaited UK exit from the EU became a reality. For tourists, it doesn’t change much since you can travel and stay on British territory for up to three months, with the only difference that you need to enter with a passport.

The situation is more complex for those who intend to look for work in the UK by entering as a tourist. In fact, on 01 January 2021 a new immigration point system was activated, the so-called points-based immigration system and it will be necessary to have a visa with very strict parameters. EU and non-EU citizens who intend to work in the UK must in fact apply for a visa to be evaluated on the basis of the points system: 40% of the points depend on having a job offer from a British employer, 18% of the salary received (must exceed the amount of 25,600 pounds per year) in addition to having to demonstrate knowledge of the English language at level B1

For those who are already in the country on 31 December 2020, it will be possible until 30.06.2021 to make a request for permanent or temporary residence. For Italian citizens who are already resident obtaining a residence permit is easier, they can apply for permanent residence but it is necessary to prove that they have lived in the UK for at least 5 years, those who have not completed 5 years of residence can apply for pre-residence waiting to apply for definitive status for having completed the required 5 years.

EU citizens will no longer be able to access health care in the UK with the health card.

Discounts are provided for research doctorates both for residents and for outsiders.

To study in British universities, European Union students require a study visa and will have to pay the university tuition without the previous benefits provided for European citizenship.