A Cidadania Italiana

Assistance to acquire Italian citizenship step by step administrative and judicial way

A Cidadania Italiana

Our law firm consists of a team of professional experts in immigration law and international protection, as well as in other unspecified areas within the site, and operates in the city Reggio Calabria.

The study is particularly specialized in the process of acquisition of Italian Citizenship and is haracterized by high professionalism, efficiency and also for the wide range of additional services offered. These distinctive features allow us to provide our clients achieve the goal of becoming an Italian citizen in a short time.

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Conversion of driving licenses for non- UE citizens

Non-UE citizens who have obtained residence in Italy can drive with a license issued in their country only for a period of 1 year (starting from the date of acquisition of residence). However, the license must be accompanied by an International Driving Permit or a sworn translation of the license. After one year it is …


The acquisition of citizenship by foreigners or stateless persons who have contracted marriage with Italian citizens is governed by articles 5 and 6 of law 91/1992. A foreign or stateless spouse of an Italian citizen can acquire Italian citizenship when, after marriage, he or she has been legally residing for at least two years in …


The AIRE (Registry of Italians Resident Abroad) was established in 1990 following the enactment of law 470/1988 and is an Archive that contains data relating to Italian citizens who, for various reasons, are located in reside outside the Italian territory. Italian citizens who move permanently and permanently abroad for a period of at least 12 …

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